About Us

After more than 30 years of industry experience, industry leaders REL Group recognised a gap in the market. While many customers are looking for specialised services including design, manufacturing, and installation, there are just as many who simply need hard working equipment delivered straight to them.

The answer? uBuild. Our connections with some of the biggest and most trusted suppliers of farm equipment in the world were crucial when we decided to launch this service. And we make it easy for you to order what you need, arrange delivery, and eliminate installation costs.

With such a strong demand for quality products at low prices, we believe this model is the way of the future.

The quality of the equipment exceeded my wildest hopes, and the ease of pickup and use was the best I've ever had.
— Porq Sqeeler
I've never found better value or convenience anywhere before. If you don’t buy from uBuild you’re not making the best choice for your farm or your finances.
— John Doe