Augers and Post Pounders


At uBuild, we have a number of hard-working augers which are sourced from Wheatheart- one of the biggest names for augers world-wide.

Some of our options include:

X Series Augers

Wheatheart have added 75 new enhancements to their X Series augers for even better performance. These augers feature a removable slip-on boot flight, which can be quickly and easily replaced without removing the entire lower flight.

X series augers are incredibly user-friendly and have been developed to minimise unload time and maximise capacity. Both the hopper lift arm and hopper can be positioned on either side of these augers, making it easy to unload from either the right or left-hand side.

Remote and hydraulic Power Swings are available for both the X100 and X1300. Add-ons also include working light kits, hydraulic hopper winches, and transport light kits.

X100 Series


The X100 is so durable and easy to use that it’s not surprising that it’s Wheatheart’s most popular auger.

Swaying is reduced with the scissor lift frame which maximises bin reach while preventing bowing. The hopper is low-profile, featuring right and left flighting. This ensures that grain is flowing efficiently through the centre of the hopper.

X130 Series


The X130 has a redesigned hopper and commercial strength frame which has been precision engineered to ensure the best possible durability.

The strong, long-lasting powder coat paint will keep rust at bay while ensuring your auger continues to look good through the years. And the Wear Edge Technology added to critical wear points adds an extra layer of steel- meaning you won’t need to replace the flighting as often.

Straight Line Augers

The Wheatline R Series grain augers are the best choice if you’re looking for a tough, dependable straight-line auger.

Features include Wear Edge Technology for fewer flighting replacements, a contoured undercarriage with wide-standing axles, and rust protection from the durable paint.

Beneath the auger is a roll-formed track, providing stability and strength while maintaining maneuverability. The intake reach has been designed to maximise reach at the intake, ensuring full bin access while maintaining stability. And the drive shaft bearings keep this auger nice and quiet due to the oil-impregnated hardwood.

Add-ons include led working lights, electric clutch with remote controls, hydraulic winch lift kit, reversing gearbox, and more.

We have seven sizes of R Series augers available, so get in touch and let us know what you’re after.

XTA Truck Augers

Need to work quickly? The XTA truck auger was redesigned and engineered specifically for capacity, longevity, and durability.

These augers are super easy to transport, featuring a quick detach tow hitch. That means that you can easily move the XTA around the yard whenever you need it.

The XTA was also designed for ease-of-use. You can easily engage and disengage the flighting without tools and without lifting the motor. Once the auger is raised into position, you won’t need to reset the belt tension. And that means the job is completed much more quickly.

These are also low-maintenance augers, and the drive shaft bearings can be easily replaced without disassembling the drive shaft. You can also easily adjust the chain tensioner, prolonging the life of the chain.

We offer all sizes of these XTA Truck Augers, so give us a call and let us know which model you’re looking for.