Dozer Blades


No matter what type of tractor you have, it’s likely that Degelman has a blade attachment that will help it work harder.

These blades are available in a variety of sizes and models. At Ubuild, we have a massive selection available- all of them modular so you can easily add an attachment.

These include:

  • Top extension attachments
  • Silage extension attachments
  • High volume side plates
  • One-foot extensions
  • Bite extensions
  • Rubber cutting edges
  • Urethane Cutting Edges
  • MaxTemp Steel
  • Serrated MaxTemp Steel
  • Rock diggers

The Hydraulic Quick-Tach System

This feature has been precision-built, utilizing a hydraulic pin engagement concept. That means that you don’t need to crawl around your machine and manually attach the blade. Instead, you can do it right from the seat of your tractor.

Check Out Those Cylinders

The best farm equipment goes the extra mile. These cylinders are made of induction-hardened chrome, which reduces nicks while lasting longer. This is the highest rated rust-resistant chrome in the industry so you can handle the toughest loads for years to come.

Speed Blades

If you’re looking for a highly-maneuverable blade, the Degelman Speedblade can fit through skid-steer-sized gaps. The Speedblade was designed with safety top-of-mind, with a low profile so you can have the highest possible visibility.

The hydraulics are where this machine truly shines. From the driver’s seat, you can move the blades into a variety of positions so you can have total control at every point.


The Degelman Strongbox is faster and more efficient than ever before. The box blade can be easily adapted to all skid steers, backhoes, payloaders, and most tractors.

This patented design incorporates a self-cleaning surface on the cone gusset, which increases structural support for the side plates and prevents debris from accumulating.

The skid shoes are also reversible, so you can get closer than ever before to curbs and walls- meaning greater maneuverability and less time on the job.

The Ultimate in Durability

The Strongbox has a double skin dozer blade structure. This adds internal reinforcement, extra blade depth, and even greater structural support.