Looking for a grain silo, farm silo, or commercial silo? We’ve got a wide range of quality silos at the best prices.

Feed Silos

We have a number of Agacli silos available, including feed silos, which have been specifically designed for easy installation. Diameters range from 1.83m to 4.57m and capacities range from 4.10m to 163.3m.

While the usual galvanised coating for these types of silos is 450 gr/m2, Agacli feed silos have a galvanised coating of 600 gr/m2. This provides much better protection for crops, maximising the silo’s resistance to corrosion.

These silos also use Geoment 500 A Plus fasteners and bolts (class 10.9), which have also been designed to resist corrosion. These are also a healthy and environmentally friendly option as they don’t contain heavy metals and chrome. The unique design of these bolts also prevents wear and tear, along with crop accumulation.

If you’re looking for a robust, easily installed and maintained silo, get in touch today to learn more.

Storage Silos

Looking for durability? Check out these Agacli storage silos:

Flat-Based Silos

These silos were created using state-of-the-art technology, and you can choose from a variety of dimensions. Agacli is known for the way it protects its silos against corrosion and has used 600gr/m2 galvanized steel plates to ensure you get a long life out of your silo.

Every part of these silos has been designed with durability and a wide range of climates in mind. From the support feet and 3-degree sloped roof to the specially designed roof entrance doors, it’s easy to see why these silos are continuing to grow in popularity.

Hopper Bottom Silos

If you need a hopper bottom silo, you can’t go wrong with the conical-based silos from Agacli. You can choose from a number of different conical angles based on the type of product you’d like to store, and the tube-type ventilation system will help keep your product safe and dry.




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