The Pro-Till 20/26

When you want it done right, and you want it done fast, the Pro-Till 20/26 is the only piece of tillage equipment you need.

Whether you need to shred autumn residue, destroy clods, or level ruts, this tool can get the job done in any weather and conditions.

Residue is shred at speeds of more than 16km per hour, while residue is distributed uniformly. You won’t need to worry about erosion, uneven emergency, or planter plugging.

Ideal for New Zealand Weather

The Pro-Till 20/26 actually warms the soil in wet and cold weather, when other tillage machines would fail. In spring, soil needs to be perfect for germination, and this machine will cut, turn, mix, reactivate, and warm cold soil so it’s ready for seeding.

Implementing the Best Technology

Degelman has long been known for its cutting-edge technology, and the Pro-Till 20/26 is no different. This machine has a floating section which allows it to self-contour. This means that you’ll achieve a flawless result in your paddock or field.

The disc arms have been designed to skate over the worst stones. They automatically compress, protecting the machine before immediately returning to work. This machine was designed to be zero-maintenance, with no grease fittings. That means years of operation in every condition imaginable- supporting heavy loads and working as hard as you do.